Have you ever had those moments when you are trying to decide on something and the choice comes so easily and instantaneously?  I call those my “absolute yes!” moments.  One such experience came up this weekend when I was shopping with a friend.  I tried on a pair of black pants and a funky white top and it looked so perfect that there was no question I would buy both pieces.  Of course their being on sale helped, but what was interesting to me was that the top was something I would not have ordinarily even tried on, let alone buy. 

So it got me thinking about what those “absolute yes” moments mean.  They are more than choosing what’s comfortable or the norm and they are not about choosing what others think we should.  To me, these moments are about listening for, and to, our intuitive voice.  That part of us that “knows” what’s right for us, even when it is outside our comfort zone.  I listened to it when I chose my new community and home – and even though the process was scary, I knew it was right.  When my clients listen to it, they are able to choose their new career or life paths more effortlessly.

They key is both listening to it and then acting on it.  I could have left that top behind in the dressing room since it was a different purchase for me, but I bought it instead, and look forward to wearing it.  What are some of the “absolute yes” moments that you acted on?  I’d love to hear from you!

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