I have aways known that creativity was an important part of my life, but recently I realize how easily I let it slip away from time to time.  Many of you know that I paint, but it had been weeks since the last time I took a brush to paper.  Summer, the beach, my business, time with friends – all wonderful other things crowded it out.  Then, in the last two weeks I resurrected it.  One afternoon I spent painting with a friend of mine who is an artist and this past weekend another friend and I walked around downtown Raleigh with my camera.  This had been something I had wanted to do for a while, since I love beautiful architecture.  I went to take my first shot and realized my camera batteries were dead.  Now you think it would be easy to find someplace to buy batteries in a city, but many things were closed on the weekend.  I did not give up though and found my batteries in one of the hotel convenience shops.  Here is some evidence of photos I captured.