Yesterday I attended a luncheon for the womens business group I belong to called Chix in Business.  The topic for the program was Building Business Through Community Outreach.  What a wonderful panel presentation from three great women who are actively involved not only in Chix but with several organizations whose mission and values they believe in.

I noticed several themes in the discussion that showcased how each woman grew personally and professionally as she gave to others.  What came up several times was stretching out of your comfort zone (words I am known for in my own life and in helping my clients do the same) by stepping into a role or task that you either don’t know how to do or don’t think you are good at.  When you stretch, amazing things can happen – including gaining courage and confidence, and possibly even discovering a latent talent!  Another theme that came up was how much of a difference one person can make – especially when you rally others to help.  Getting others involved increases your visibility in the community and it also exponentially increases your reach and contribution.  For me, serving on the Board of Chix in Business has deepened my connection to these incredible women and to the greater community.

What organizations are you a part of?  How has giving helped you grow as well?  I’d love to hear from you!

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