Since this is my first post I thought I would introduce myself so you’ll know whose life you are reading about! 

Professionally, I am a career/life coach and speaker – with a focus on helping men and women reach for more of their potential and truly experience life with greater passion and purpose.  I love hearing those ah-ha moments – when a client suddenly “sees” their current environment in a new way, when they discover that they have more control of their experience than they previously thought, and then begin to exercise that control and make things happen for themselves.  I also love to see this happen in a group setting when I am delivering one of my interactive seminars.  You’ll be most likely hearing about some of these moments in weeks to come but if you want to learn more now, go to www.stefaniezizzo.com.

Personally I am a native New Yorker who started a new life in North Carolina a few years ago – one that I had dreamed about for a long time, and now have realized!  You see, growing up I was very shy – so much so that I dreaded being noticed.  I was the one that would try to hide in the classroom so as not to be called upon to answer a question and even into my late 20’s on my wedding day, I was truly wishing my guests would not look as I walked down the aisle.  Now I am blogging for all the world to see – boy have I come a long way.  I’ll be sharing more of how I did it in posts to come…

So long for now

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