This past weekend I finally read the book Blink, by Malcolm Gladwell which focuses on decisions and how we make them.   What resonated most for me were paying attention to our intuition (our gut feelings), narrowing our choices (we often have way too many these days), and paying attention to the lens we are looking through when making our decisions (are we really as open minded as we think we are)?

My October article for my newsletter also focused on decisions – here’s an exerpt – “Every decision we make could be the pivotal one that could change the course of our lives.  From the small decisions like what we have for breakfast or the clothes we buy to the big decisions like what career we pursue and  the partner we choose, and every decision in between, has an effect on our quality of life.  Making decisions, especially in this age of vast choices, is often a painful and challenging process.  We worry about the outcome and  are fearful of the unknown.  We wonder if this is the “best” choice  and often hold out for that “perfect” choice for so long, that we wind up staying exactly where we are, in limbo.  As many of you know, one example of a big decision in my life was my choice to move to North Carolina.  The initial decision to move was easy since my husband and I knew we wanted a better quality of life.  The next decision was where to move.  That took longer as we identified what “better quality of life” meant to us.  That decision was followed by many smaller decisions such as which places to visit, when to put our house up for sale, which realtor to use, when to tell our employers we were leaving, which specific community we wanted to live in, and the list goes on.   Was the process easy?  Not always.  Was it painful?  Sometimes it was.  So what kept us going?  Our desire was strong; we knew what we wanted and most importantly, why we wanted it!”

How do you make your best decisions?

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Stefanie Zizzo, Career and Life Coach,

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