What a fun experience I had on Friday!  I had a personal shopping experience with Michele Little of One Chic Mamma, an image consultant and one of my fellow board members with Chix in Business.

Before we met, Michele gave me some great questions that really got me thinking about my style and goals for what image I want to be presenting to the world.  Some were hard to answer at first, but they really got me thinking (something I love) and helped me clarify what I wanted.  I got to choose the store and we met there.  While shopping, my focus of course was on stepping out of my comfort zone, so I asked Michele to help me look for skirts and dresses, something I do not own now.  Though I didn’t find any to purchase, she helped me understand what styles, lengths and shapes suit me best so now I know what to look for.  We also focused on accessories, something I’m not always sure about.  She explained how to wear them, what colors to choose for them and some other creative ideas to alter pieces I may happen to find that are not perfect, but have promise.  This was music to my ears since many of you know I am a thrift store junkie and also love being creative.  Now I am on a quest to find at least one skirt and dress that I can wear with confidence – and I will also be looking at items I find in thrift stores with more of a creative eye to the possibilities I can add to them.

I’m so glad I had this experience of focusing on myself, it was something I had thought about for a while, and finally stepping into it.  

How about you?  What experience would you love to have to help yourself grow?

Stefanie Zizzo, Career and Life Coach, www.stefaniezizzo.com

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