I had a wonderful lunch the other day with a woman who was introduced to me through another friend. Marilyn Shannon, also a life coach, has created an exciting community of life minded people who are eager to forge new connections called ReEnchant Planet Earth. Their mission states “To bring together groups and groups of people that already see the world as an enchanting place. By using tools such as stories and the iCircle we want to spread that love and energy throughout the planet.” It is so exciting meeting people who are having a great impact on the world! One passion we share in common is our belief that anything is possible to achieve.

One of their features is Thee Talking Stick Newsletter, giving you an opportunity to do just that.  To tell your story of possibility and achievement, an opportunity for self expression, to share your accomplishments and life experiences with other like minded people.  Even if you have never written anything before that you shared with others, this is a forum where everything is accepted.  It is your chance to step out of your comfort zone a bit!  You know how much I love that!

I look forward to hearing your story!

Stefanie Zizzo, Career and Life Coach, www.stefaniezizzo.com

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