Many of you know that I paint, but recently I had my first sales of several watercolors I painted!  The buyer is a friend who recently opened an ayurvedic bodywork center in Raleigh.  She had been seeking arts to adorn her new space and saw my “leaf” paintings when visiting my home.  When she first called and asked if she could purchase some of my work, I was speechless for a moment.  No one had ever approached me with that question before since I had never intended to sell my art.  When I said yes and hung up the phone, I got excited – and in a matter of days painted 10 paintings for her to choose from.  It was such a joy to be painting with renewed gusto.  Having a request for them, and knowing they would be displayed for others to see – and not just when they come for dinner – was great inspiration.  It was also absolutely out of my comfort zone!

Stefanie Zizzo, Career and Life Coach,