I delivered a seminar called How To Live Your Best Life at a local library recently.  What a great interactive discussion we had about this inspiring topic!   We talked about passion, particpating in activities that bring us joy, and having appreciation for what we already have.  One particpant shared that while she had been in a job that was not a great fit, the relationships she developed there have become long lasting and deep.  She regreted that she did not realize or appreciate this for how important it was until she left that environment.  She said if she had known it then, it would have made her time there more positive. 

We talked about how some, when they think of taking action toward living their best life, feel as though they are “stepping off a cliff into the unknown”.  Does that first step have to be off a cliff?  One particpant said “no, it could be stepping off a curb!”

What did you do today to live your best life?

Stefanie Zizzo, Career and Life Coach, www.stefaniezizzo.com

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