My creative outlet began with a childhood desire to learn to paint.  My mother enrolled me in “art school” which in truth was spending a few hours with Lori, a local artist who offered lessons from her basement art studio.  I loved it – even at age 7 and 8 the smell of the oil paints got to me, so much so that I made art a part of my life consistently until age 20 when I let school and work take over so much so that I didn’t make time for this type of creative outlet any longer.  Though I had let go of one form of creative expression, I realize now that I replaced it with other forms, including craft projects like mosaics, decorating my home, and – for the Career Center at the university I worked for -developing brochures, materials and bringing creative ideas to the table about the types of programs and services we offered.  Fast forward to today and you will find me engaging in such creative outlets as writing (articles, a workbook and blog), helping my clients think out of their box, and deciding how I structure my coaching and speaking business.  Another wonderful development is re-discovering painting – or rather making time for it in my life again!

I would love to hear your story of creative expression!

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