In my January article, I spoke of choosing one thing to focus on this year as you begin to great goals and resolutions.

For my one resolution this year I have chosen one action to take weekly and that is creativity.  Yes, I’ve talked about it a lot but I too often let it slip to the back burner when my work and life gets busy.  So this year my one intention is to make creativity a part of every week. 

To do that I am going to schedule – as if it is an appointment with me – creative time.  During that time how I choose to be creative could include painting, photography, decorating, writing… 

The outlet and even the outcome does not matter.  What matters is having such an outlet for creative expression.  How will this affect my life?  Creativity, for me, is my meditation and inspiration.  It brings me to a different space, more serene and playful.  It transports me from the rush of life to a state of being more present.  When I am creative, I focus on the details of a landscape, the colors of a painting, and my immediate emotions/thoughts when writing.  When I am playful, present and serene, my whole life takes on a better perspective!

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