I love it when something new and unexpected comes from the familiar.  Paul and I recently chose to watch a movie that neither of us had heard of – but were intrigued by the subject matter of music (you may know Paul is a musician).  The movie was The Visitor.  The lead character, Walter, learns to play the Djembe, an African Drum.  Paul and I were immediatly hooked and started talking about buying a djembe ourselves.  So, a few days later, there one stood in our kitchen!

What’s so unexpected?  The djembe was mainly for me to play!  Now, even though I grew up with a brother who at one time was a professional drummer and have a professional musician for a husband, I have never leaned to play an instrument – I never even had an interest in it.  The djembe is different.  There is something about the tones it makes and the connection of my hands on the skin that draws me in.  So, with the help of Paul and some video’s I found, I am learning to play.

I’ve had two lessons/practice sessions so far and I already see progress.  The best part?  I finally get to jam with my husband Paul – something he has been waiting 16 years for!


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