I’ll bet that there is something you have been eager to create, learn or do in your career, but since it is not currently part of your job description you have never attempted or accomplished it.  Perhaps you see a need for a new procedure or practice that could benefit your organization or colleagues; maybe you have always wanted to learn a new skill that could take you in a new direction professionally; or perhaps you have this great idea for a new service or system… 

What if you went for it?  What if you created that procedure, designed that system or developed that new idea for a service regardless of whether someone asked you to do it or not?  What if you trusted your instincts and talents, trusted in your imagination and creativity

What possibilities could be ignited?  Going for it will stretch your mind, challenge your abilities and move you out of your comfort zone.  It will infuse you with a renewed passion and vitality for your career and may even catapult you to a new one. 

Whatever the outcome, the key lies in the process of creation – owning a desire or idea and running with it.

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