Using what you have is something I have always focused on – both under great economic conditions and challenging ones like we are facing now.  To me, using what I have is one of the ways I use my creativity – and it also feeds my value of not letting anything go to waste.

One of my recent passions is cooking, but lately I am doing it differently.  Instead of having a menu of planned recipes for every day or night of the week, I have found it is much more fun to have many ingredients on hand then pull together a meal using what I have in front of me.

Using what I have also shows up in my decorating – moving objects from one room to another, finding different uses for objects I have, or perusing my attic for a forgotton piece – transforms my whole feeling about my space.

What if you looked in your kitchen cupboards, your attic, closets and around your rooms and started thinking out of the box – using what you have in new and different ways?   Think about the money you can save.  Think about the creative juices you could start flowing…

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