What would it mean to truly accept yourself – just the way you are, just the way things are – for today? 

Many people think acceptance is giving up or giving in.  I believe that acceptance is learning to love who you are, how you are and where you are – just as it all is right now.  That does not mean you stop growing and developing and challenging yourself.  What it means is smelling the roses, seeing what’s great and good today, enjoying the journey of your growth, not just racing for some finish line that seems to always stretch farther away the closer you think you are getting to it.

Acceptance is taking a breath, looking around you and marveling at what you have already created.  Acceptance is looking inside and seeing the beauty, courage, strength and quirks that make you truly unique and special.  It is celebrating who you have become, while continuing to walk toward your future.

Accept yourself just the way you are today – in body, mind and spirit!

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