I had a great meeting last week with Mark Parbus of Unlocked Potential to reconnect now that the new year is well underway.  The conversation turned to the idea of networking and how so many are so uncomfortable with it.  When I ask my clients and colleagues what thoughts come up when they hear the word networking, the answer is usually negative.  Networking has gotten a bad rap when all it truly is – is making new connections and building relationships – and that can be fun!

Many of you know I used to be shy so I was where some of you are in my discomfort with it.  So, I thought it would be helpful to share how I (and Mark) make it not only easy but fun.   We shift our focus to the person we are with! 

Instead of going to a meeting wondering what we will say, how we will come across, how we will sound and what the other person will think of us (all of which adds stress to the meeting) we think about what we can learn about the person we are meeting with. 

Being curious about others is fun.  Learning how others got where they are and have achieved success is fun.   Understanding what others are passionate about and what they need to be more successful is fun. 

One of my favorite resources is called How To Talk to Anyone by Leil Lowndes, a book of 92 tips for getting more comfortable meeting people and cultivating relationships.  My favorite tip? Make others feel special!

It’s your turn to discover how much fun you can have meeting people!

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