Have you ever said something like “it would be great if I could create a business around….”?  It could be a hobby or passion you have, something you do exceptionally well or something you see a need for.   Depending on how far along your thoughts are about this business, there are a number of things you could do to just take one step toward creating it.  Even if you are not sure you want to dive in fully, what if you tried it, took one step in that direction – what possibilities might open up for you?  

Some first steps might be:

  • Writing a clear vision for what your business would look like if it were up and running today with you as its leader
  • Finding a business that exists that is similar to learn how they structured it
  • Trying your hand at it by finding a part time position or volunteering in the same area. 

My experience…

Before becoming a coach, I thought about professional organizing as a business for I absolutely love everything there is to do with organizing. After researching it a bit, I found two pro-bono clients to test out my skills and interest.  It worked wonderfully, as I realized this was not the business for me.  The day to day environment was not a good fit with my skills, needs and wants.  Even though this particular business was not for me, by testing it out I got the “entrepreneurial bug” and quickly found a better fit in coaching!

An easy first step: sign up for a Vocation Vacation to get first hand experience of what it looks and feels like to run a business from someone who is not only passionate about what they do, but in sharing it with you!

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