I came across a great article called Authentic Personal Branding .  This topic is something I talk about in one form or another in many of my workshops especially Getting Noticed, Known and Connected in the Getting Prepared section.

Branding is not just for business, it is the image we present to the world through our relationships, our work, our everyday lives.   It is the unique qualities we portray and how we live out what we value most.   Branding has to be authentic, not only in what we deliver but in how we deliver it. 

When I work with clients that are either building a business or seeking employment, there is a lot of fear and trepidation in “selling” ourselves.  If we think of it as branding instead – showcasing ourselves in a way that helps others see the true essense of who we are as individuals, and we are able to deliver it by consistent action and being true to our word, it could feel more effortless!

A great way to showcase who you are in a way that feels natural is getting involved in an organization you believe in.  That involvement could include volunteering for a project/event, leading a committee, accepting a board position in the organization or any other opportunity to give of yourself.  In this environment, you are “living” your brand by allowing your passion, drive, strengths and value to shine through example.

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