This morning I arrived at the Hilton in RTP to deliver my Getting Noticed, Known and Connected seminar for the Triangle United Way’s support/education series for job seekers.    The wonderful woman who coordinated the program, Gayle Manley, greeted me and then said “NBC 17  will be covering this event, a reporter will be here soon to interview you on camera and shoot some of your seminar”.  

My first thought was “Oh, no – I can’t be on TV”!  I was terrified but it was too late.  My next thought was “OK, I’m doing this – boy am I glad I didn’t know before I got here”!

When Josh Green from NBC-17 showed up and greeted me, I immediately shared with him that this was way out of my comfort zone!   He said “focus on me, not the camera” so I did – and you know, it was OK.  Josh asked great questions and made the whole process painless – and once I was comfortable with him, I really didn’t even notice the camera in the room!

Not sure how long this link will be live, but if you want to check out my spot on NBC-17, here it is.

I would love to hear one of your Way out of your comfort zone” moments!

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