You have heard me talk of using what I have to create delicious meals and decorate my home – now it has stretched to the garden!  My husband and I transplanted some perennials around the garden, shifting them from one place to another, taking advantage of what worked best for our plants and our space.   These shifts breathed new life into our deck and porch (where we moved the plants to) and created breathing space where we moved the plants from (they were overcrowding each other).

This made me think about other areas of our life where we could shift what’s already here to achieve greater balance that suits our lives best.  To trim where there is too much (clutter, time spent, overwhelm) and shift to areas where more is needed (resources, energy, time). 

It’s very freeing to know that we don’t always have to add or discard – sometimes small shifts creates a freshness and beauty that fills our needs.  Shifting is also available to us right now, every day.

What shifts can you make in your life?

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