Believing you CAN accomplish a goal, handle a situation or stretch out of your comfort zone provides you a strong foundation to build upon.   The next step is to transition from I CAN to I AM.

Brian, who commented on my No Such Word as Can’t post brought up this topic.   He had already begun his transition to writing his book using these tools:

  • Gathering information and resources about writing and publishing a book
  • Seeking advice from other writers
  • Telling everyone what he was doing
  • Taking the leap and starting to write

Fantastic tips Brian! 

Here are more thoughts to ponder about transitioning to I AM:

  • I AM is a commitment to yourself and your desire
  • I AM is taking consistent small actions that build ove time
  • I AM is determination to achieve even in the face of obstacles
  • I AM is enjoying new discoveries, possibilities and potential paths toward your goal. 
  • I AM is being present with and accepting where you are right now in your process

How have you transitioned from I CAN to I AM?

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