Taking pictures is one of my favorite things to do, especially when I am able to capture beauty.  Using a digital camera makes that easy since I take hundreds of picutures there are always several that come out wonderful.

How often to I take pictures?  Not often enough for me.  I realized that I tend to wait until I am going somewhere picturesque, like the beach, a park or public garden to take out my camera.

This weekend I decided to see my own backyard from a new perspective.  What prompted me was a nest of baby birds in a tree right next to my deck.  I grabbed my camera and captured this beautiful shot. 


I then decided to “see” my yard through my camera’s eye and started to focus on the details…. a lone flower in bloom, butterflies, a magnolia blossom.   It felt great – peace, presence… and all a few steps outside of my door.


What is in your own “backyard” that you don’t truly “see”?

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