Most change happens slowly, sometimes almost imperceptibly.   Even the change we think happens overnight (like when we experience a sudden loss of a job or change in our health) did not truly happen suddenly.  There were things in motion under the surface, or under our radar that were putting that change into effect.

Slow change is something that frustrates us.  I know it frustrates me personally as well as some of the clients I work with.   When we make up our mind that we want something – to be different than it presently is, to learn or add something new, etc, we want it to happen NOW.   Most recently I was experiencing this frustration with getting up to speed with social media.  I felt like there was so much to learn, so much to set up, and so much to maintain that it was overwhelming.

When I realized I was the one overwhelming myself with the “need to hurry up the change” I slowed down.  I evaluated why I was getting involved with social media, how incremental steps taken consistently was not only more productive but more fun, and that there is really no finish line to rush toward.  This is a process that will continually be evolving.

When we put small action into motion, change happens.  It often first happens under the surface and in the bakground – in ways we can’t always see.   Like when we begin to exercise and eat healthier our bodies are reacting to this new nourishment before we feel or see a noticable difference.

So next time you are wishing to hurry change along, slow down.  Believe that every action you take, nomatter how small, is contributing to the change you seek.  Relax into the process and enjoy it!

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