My clients come to me with goals they would like to achieve.  Goals like, choosing a career that is more fulfilling, building a business or creating better life balance.

When we dive into what these goals mean to them a bigger picture of what they truly want for their lives – underneath all of the specific things they want to add, delete or change – begins to emerge.  We see with greater clarity that what they really want may be inner peace, a simpler lifestyle, or joy in the present moment….

This new clarity often brings about shifts.  Shifts in their perspective about their goals, shifts in their commitment toward them or shifts in the goals thmselves.  Building a business may really be about sharing a passion – which adds a new energy to this pursuit.  A goal of a new career may transform into newfound perspective and passion for their current work.  The quest for better balance may shift to saying no and letting go instead of becomming better at juggling what is there.

To find your bigger picture, take a look at your own goals and wants and dive deeper, asking yourself: 

  • Why are they important to you? 
  • What is beneath the surface? 
  • What are you truly reaching for?

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