This month’s article is on experiencing more joy in life.  I thought this was a fitting topic for summer – a time when many of us take a break from our day-to-day lives for vacation.

I did just that myself spending last week in the Outer Banks of NC.  We certainly had our share of joy – from watching the sunset on top of a dune from Jockey’s Ridge, seeing the sunrise from the beach just steps from our hotel, and browsing galleries and shops on the waterfront at Manteo. 

Sunset from Jockey's Ridge

Sunset from Jockey's Ridge

Aside from the “doing” the joy truly came from just “being”.  Yes, I brought my paints and books but found that this time, I spent more time just sitting and seeing what was in front of me.  That was true joy – fully experiencing where we were.

My intention is to have joyous moments every day, not just while on vacation.  Breaks from my regular routine where I just sit and take in where I am and what is right in front of me.

Now it’s your turn, I would love to hear what brings you joy in your life.

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