So I am finally the owner of a Blackberry.  This was a decision I resisted (a theme with me around technology). Though I knew it would make my life easier, I cherished my time away from computers and was not keen on carrying one around with me.

The other day the choice was clear that it was time to buy one so I took the plunge.  Of course I was excited to learn how to use it and spent several hours Friday evening playing with it….and then was ready to return it!  I was frustrated and annoyed that it didn’t seem to be doing what I wanted it to or expected it to – and of course I blamed it (it could not possibly be user error:) )  I was ready to thow in the towel.  It was as if this experience was confirming my resistance and found myself thinking – “ha, I knew I didn’t want to use/need this new technology”!

The next day I decided to give it another try.  This time I patiently browsed through the screens, customizing it to my specificications, taking my time to understand how to use best us it, experimenting with the tools, etc.   And what do you know… I now love it!

How often are we ready to throw in the towel when something does not go the way we wanted it to right away?  How often do we give up before truly experiencing something the way it needs to be experienced?

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