I love watching HGTV, especially the programs that showcase homes being decorated/fixed up for little money.  One curiosity I have every time I watch one of these programs is how often the homeowners say after all the work is done “wow, that was easier than I thought it would be, why didn’t we do this sooner”? 

Some of these families have been living in their home for years but “lived with” their space “as is” rather than creating a best fit for them.  Maybe they thought it would take too much time or too much money – but when all is said and done, they see what a small investment of each could have brought them.

Yes, being a TV show they have others designing, planning and doing much of the work, but that kind of support can be hired, bartered or found from some of our current network of friends and family.  All we need to do is ask, seek and commit.

So, this week take a look at your home, your career, your life and ask yourself this question:

What would I most like to see change? 

Then ask – Who in my life can help me to change it?

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