The last couple of months, my husband and I have been talking about building a covering for our deck.  We talked about retractable awnings, a gazebo-like structure and many variations in between.  Do we do it ourselves or hire someone?  Do we find plans or design our own?   We were caught in the – I’m not sure – trap.  You know the one, where every idea is OK, but just not winning either (or both) of you over.   So we waited, and talked about it, and measured, and investigated – yet were still on the fence.

Then, a few days ago we were outside enjoying our deck, sitting in the sun when an idea hit me.  Not just any idea, the right idea.  I said it out loud to my husband and he agreed.   By the next day, we had drawn up plans and a shopping list and scheduled the build (that we will do ourselves, for much less money than we orginally had thought).

I had the moment of clarity when we were in the space enjoying ourselves.  Not thinking about or trying to solve the problem.  You know you have experienced similar moments of clarity yourself.  I would love to hear about them!