In my article titled “Your Commitment Step” I talk about taking one step.  One step, that by taking it will have a ripple effect and put you in motion toward achieving your bigger goals.  The one step must be one that is out of your comfort zone, usually just over the threshold of comfort.  It has to be uncomfortable enough, that when you take it, it feels like a commitment, like the huge weight of indecision has been lifted and you are on your path.  It should feel big to you – even if on the surface it looks small. 

For me, the one step was putting our house in NY up for sale (tell story of flight home)  Yes, that does not seem like a large commitment – after all we could have easily taken it off the market, but to me that decision to publically list our house was monumental and represented our internal firm commitment to start our lives over in a new place.  The build up to that moment was scary, often disappointing (especially when we were not finding what we wanted in some of the places we visited), and often overwhelming (when we were not sure what we really wanted).  But once that ad was placed declaring our house for sale – I was able to breathe.  Did the fear go away?  No.  But now it was accompanied by excitement, anticipation and an almost delicious uncertainty!

What will be your “one step”?

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