September is such a wonderful time to visit the beach.  The weather and water is still warm, yet there is a hint of fall in the air and light; and you practically have the beach to yourself.

While I love many things about the beach, one of my favorites is being in the water, expecially when the waves are strong.  There is something about the waves crashing at my feet as I stand knee deep that exhilrates me.  It is as if, in those moments I am transported back to my childhood.  I feel a sense of giddyness, wonder at the power of the ocean, and playfulness.  

What made this last experience even more fun was getting caught in a downpour while on the beach.  It always strikes me as funny when everyone runs for fear of getting wet, when we are already in our bathing suits!   For me, walking in the rain also brought me back, and I was enjoying the moment of getting soaked as we walked back to our hotel, just like I did as a small child (when my mother let me get soaked that is).

Being on vacation adds to the experience of feeling like a kid since responsibilities are put on hold, there are no schedules, and no expectations.

What makes you feel like a kid?

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