Last week I posted this question on Facebook “What would it mean to truly accept yourself – just the way you are, just the way things are – for today?”

It came from one of my earlier posts, Accepting Yourself.  Some of the comments I received show how challenging this truly is so I thought it deserved more discussion.  Comments included – “I would truly have to push myself to accomplish this”, “It would be the ultimate accomplishment”, “I don’t think I have ever been in that place. Definitely something to strive for”. 

Why do you think accepting ourselves and our lives just the way we/they are today is so challenging to do?  Acceptance does not mean giving up on growth.   What it means to me is being OK with what is here now as we plan for what’s next.  It means focusing more on what we are walking toward rather than trying to escape from. 

When I was really ready to leave New York my dislike for where I was living intensified at first.  The thing was, though I was “ready” in my mind, we were not “ready” in reality since we didn’t know where we did want to live yet.  I realized this intense dislike was causing me more harm than good so I chose instead to make the best of where I was while we were planning our move.  This choice eased the rush to move and gave us the freedom to truly focus on what we wanted for our new home/community, to get excited about it and plan for it.  We were really OK just the way were were living for years, we just wanted something different – and we found it.  When we did, we knew it was right and not just an escape!

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