I like to see results, evidence that my actions have produced some outcome.  The outcome could be a tasty meal, an organized home, a fun experience, a beautiful painting, and of course a thriving business.  For many of these activities, results come fairly quickly, but I knew that would not always be the case in my business.  Since patience was never one of my virtues I knew it was something I had to learn if I were to succeed in business (and life).  I knew I needed to trust that results would come and be patient as I created the environment for them.

My first year in business I dilligently and consistently “planted seeds” by focusing on becoming visible in my new community and making connections with great people.  I believed in everything I was doing, that all my marketing and PR activities would eventually begin to show results.  Yet, during those initial months I did sometimes question whether everything I was doing was “right” and thought maybe I was missing something, especially when the results were not showing up as quickly as I wanted them to (did I mention patience was not one of my virtues?)

Even though I questioned and wondered, I stayed true to my plan and kept moving forward.  Sure enough, all my activities started to pay off!  So I kept going with the same consistency and 4 years later my results continue…

What results are you seeking?

What environment have you created for them to come?

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