Fall is my favorite season and one change I look forward to.   The change I didn’t expect or like very much?  Changes to my gym routine, especially the classes.

I love routines.  They help me stay focused and on track.  This is expecially true of going to the gym.  I also love challenges, which is why I go to several classes each week as the instructors are the best at pushing me past my comfort zone physically.

So you can understand my horror (OK maybe that’s too strong a word) when I realized that not only would some of the times of my tried and true classes be changing a bit, but many of the instuctors were changing too!!  My first reaction was “NO!  this is not good, this won’t work at all, now I’ll have to change my whole schedule, I’ll have to find different classes…” and on an on my mind reeled!.

Then I took a breath and thought about what I truly wanted – to be physically fit; and the best way for me to make that happen – taking classes that focused on strength and challenged me.  So…. I realized that the tweak in schedule may mean taking a different class now and then which adds variety (something I also love), and that new instructors would also be challenging me in new ways.  So, I not only accepted this change but now look forward to what is could mean for me positively!

How do you react to change?

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