My recent article, “Enough, that elusive measure” focuses on the dilemma many of us face of not having enough.  We don’t have enough… time, enough sleep, enough money, or enough energy.  We are not smart enough, thin enough, educated enough, we don’t know enough, or charge enough.  When working with my clients I hear words like, “If I had enough money I would…”; or “I never have enough time to…”, and “I never have enough energy for…” 

When I started my business I knew and prepared just enough to take my first step.  I completed my initial coach certification, created my client materials, and designed my basic business structure to begin accepting clients.  Did I know everything there was to know about coaching?  No – that is an ongoing process that will never be completed for this profession requires my own consistent learning and growth.  Did I have everything I would ever need to work with clients?  No – every day I learn a new tool or find new resources to benefit my clients.  Did I know everything I needed to know about running and building a business?  No way – I did know the important start up points including my potential for income, my accounting needs and possibilities, but the rest I learn as I go along and that is part of what makes it exciting.  I knew just enough to start.  Just enough to plan out my beginning.

What does your “enough” look like?

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