I recently spent a wonderful weekend visiting my brother and his family in Chicago.  It is such a beautiful city – great architecture, very walkable, full of activity and friendly people.  I can see why they love living there as it fits their personalities, interests, wants and many of their needs.

For all its virtues, Chicago is not a good fit for me and my husband.  The Triangle in NC, where I am grateful to make my home, is!  Every day as I drive around town I gaze at my surroundings and am so appreciative of where I am.

It is no accident. For as many of you know, my husband and I spent many hours contemplating where in the country we wanted to live, what type of community we wanted to live in and much more.  We went exploring and found it right here!

There is something about seeing and experiencing a different place – a contrast – that brings out the intensity of what I already have and just how much it means to me – how much it fits me!

When have you experienced such a contrast that made you realize what you have and where you are is your best fit?

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