My current article  talks about where we place our focus and  attention (most of the time), so I thought I would share mine.

First, I want to start with where my focus used to be most of the time – worry.  I would worry about everything, big things, small things – you name it I would worry about it.  Then one day I heard a powerful quote that made me realize just how much attention I was paying to worry. It was said by Mark Twain and went something like this “I have lived a long life and had many troubles, most of which never actually happened”!

That day I began my shift from focusing on the worry (most often about the future) to focusing on what was happening at that very moment (present).  If it is something good or great, I now focus on how grateful I am for it or how much I like/love/appreciate it.  If it is something not-so-great, I focus on what I can do about it (solution).

Do I still worry?  Yes.  The biggest difference is that worrying now only takes some of my attention and focus, some of the time.  NOT most of it.

What about you?

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