I have been wearing the same gym shoes for 2 years now.  Yes I know, that is way too long but time just flew by.

Wondering why my feet were hurting made me realize just how long it had been with these same shoes, so I asked fellow class members at the gym what kind of shoes they wore.  Both said cross trainers of one brand or another.  I wondered whether that’s what I was wearing and learned that no, I had been wearing running shoes this whole time!  The wrong shoes for the workout classes I have been taking 4 times a week! 

No wonder my feet were hurting!  I went shopping that same night and thanks to a knowledgable salesperson and my finally asking, I learned the difference.  What a differerence the right shoes make in my workouts!

This lead me to wonder how often we are “wearing the wrong shoes” in different areas of our life and what the “right shoes” could be.   In your career the right shoes could be the environmental conditions in which you thrive such as having a manager whose style meshes with yours or using your strengths and talents to the best of their ability.  The right shoes in your personal life might be aligning your life with your values or getting involved with a cause you belive in.

I would love to hear some examples of your right shoes!


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