I love it when I receive a message that is just what I needed to hear or see in the moment.  One such message came by way of a fortune cookie the other day.  It said:

“Laziness is nothing more than the habit of resting before you get tired”

Why was this the message I needed?   Well, you see, I have a tendency to keep going and going until I am exhausted.  Productivity is essential, even on my days “off”.  While accomplishment, drive and perseverance are great and continue to offer me many benefits in my life and work, sometimes it gets to be too much. 

For me, the word laziness always felt negative to me.  After all, it is the opposite of productivity isn’t it?  Therefore it had to be “wrong” didn’t it?

Though for years I have known that this is not true, seeing it said this way in the fortune cookie put it into a new perspective for me.  It helped me see just  how beneficial laziness can be, just how purposeful.  Yes, laziness is out of my comfort zone, but embracing it helps keep me in balance.

Just the message I needed!

What message have you heard/seen lately that was just what you needed?

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