Growing up in New York, I always looked forward to “snow days” when I would be off from school or later when the university I worked for would be closed and I would have a whole day to play.

This weekend in North Carolina we had two such snow days.  Yes, it was the weekend so I was already “off”, but a nice thing happened on Sunday – our power went out just as we were starting our day.  How is having no power nice?    It brought us to a halt with our usual “to do” list for our day off.  My husband and I love being busy and productive so we often spend our Sundays cooking or doing home projects.  This time we could do neither –  we could not even shovel the snow since it was a sheet of ice! 

What did we do instead?  We sat looking out the window at the pretty snowy landscape.  We talked for a while as we sat in front of the fireplace keeping warm (no power meant no heat for us).  We played Monopoly for several hours – something we had not done for years! 

The power came back on in the middle of all of this, but we stayed where we were playing since we were having so much fun!  What I learned this weekend was just how much we need to create our own “snow days” once a month.  A day with no technology, no television, no projects.  Just pure play!

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