I just finished reading The Other Side of Organized by Linda Samuels.  This is a book filled with Linda’s personal stories and client experiences that covers thoughts, ideas and examples of what we all go through in our quest for better lives.   This is not just a book about organization, but one of reflection about life and how we are living it. 

Some of her passages that really “spoke” to me were Life Without Computers, The Mind Diet and Experiences Instead of Things.

Life Without Computers for me is as Linda shared – the balance between online and offline work.  I still use a good old-fashioned paper planner and most often write my blog entries and articles using paper and pen.  I have noticed that my creative energy flows more freely when I am away from my computer.  The activity of writing is also more pleasing and fun for me that way.  It makes me look forward to it rather than have it feel like a have-to.

In her passage The Mind Diet, Linda talks about the importance of doing what we have been thinking about.  She says “when we finally decide to act on what we’ve been pondering, it feels great and doesn’t seem so intimidating”  This mirrors the work I do with my coaching clients.  So often we have so many thoughts running through our minds about what we are wanting to do, especially when it involves some change in our life, that we become overwhelmed and stay stuck.  When we take one step, sometimes any step, toward our goals, it is incredibly freeing!

In Experiences Instead of Things Linda reflected on her daughters request one holiday season.  This touched my heart as it is a practice I have been engaged in for many years – during all holidays, birthdays and just any day.  Experiences are, for me, what I remember more than any tangible gift.  The experience of trying something new, spending time with someone special, seeing new places (or the same places from new eyes)… 

Linda’s book will get you thinking (something you all know I love)!

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