When we are kids, play is a regular part of our lives (and our vocabulary).  As we get older, and have more responsibility play seems to get put on the back burner, or disappears altogether.

During my childhood, one of my fondest memories is getting my new light blue “boys” ten speed bike for my 11th birthday.  I would ride that bike every day for hours – no agenda, no time constraints, no purpose other than feeling the wind in my hair and strength in my legs.  It was fun, it was play!

When do I play now?  Not often enough I realize.  Yes, I have fun and feel excitment in my work, with friends and my husband.  Though true play – the no agenda, exhilirating, giddy feeling of fun I had as an 11 year old is itching to come out more often. 

This summer I am going to do just that!

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