Some of you will be suprised to hear that until recently I worked in pure silence (when I’m not on the phone with clients that is).  Even though I work from home and can listen to anything I choose, I chose quiet. 

I believed that quiet made me feel peaceful and allowed me to focus when I was working on all of the administrative tasks of my business.  While I was accomplishing my work, I began noticing that my energy was lower than I wanted it to be.  So I tried an experiment.  I began listening to instrumental music – what a difference!

The serene, beautiful melodies fill me up, bring up my energy and completely shift my mood.  I am actually more focused and productive than I was before when answering email, working on new topics for my articles and seminars and all the other administrative tasks of the day.

Sometimes a small shift in action can make a big difference in perspective and attitude!

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