Some of you may have seen my first video on Facebook last week.  It was only 30 seconds but it was my commitment step to a video series I am planning. 

Commitment steps are something I often talk about in my seminars and with my clients.  To me, they represent the one small step you take that catapults you on your path toward the realization of a goal. 

For me, putting that 30 second clip on Facebook announced to the public what I am up to.  It solidified my goal of creating a video series for now that it is “out there” it inspires me to keep going.  It also aligns with one of my values “doing what I say I will do” so not doing it is not an option any longer for me.   This commitment step took me out of the planning/thinking about it stage and into the doing it stage!

What is something you have been waiting for the “right” moment to do?  Something you have been thinking about for a while but not yet catapulted to action? 

What could be your commitment step toward the realization of your goal?

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