Last week I attended one of Cheryl McArdle’s creativity classes.  This one was about color.

Now many of you know I’ve been painting on and off for many years, but color, specifically the mixing of it, has always felt more confusing than it actually is.  That is what I learned in Cheryl’s class. 

This class also inspired me to paint.  You see, though it is something I love, I often go for weeks without painting – if I’m busy with other more pressing things, if I’m not sure what to paint, if I don’t have a reason to paint…

By simplifying a process that I thought more complicated than it was, I now am more confident and excited about the possibilites that await me with this new information!

What processes do you beleive are confusing or complicated?  They may be just as simple when you learn the right technique, or just hear the technique shared in a way that finally has the light bulb go off in your head!

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