I was watching a Christmas movie recently, The Bishops Wife with Cary Grant.  As he and the lead female character in the movie were taking a cab ride the cab driver made a comment that stayed with me:  it went something like this “the trouble with the world today is that some people don’t know where they’re going and are in a hurry to get there while others know exactly where they’re going yet take their time and enjoy the scenery on their way”.

What struck me the most about the statement is this movie was that it was uttered when the movie was created in 1947!  Not much has changed has it, despite how different the world seems today.

That statement is certainly true for many of us today isn’t it.  Some of us (and sometimes we all fall into this place) we want to move forward so quickly, even though we are not sure of the direction we are taking.  Sometimes (hopefully) we allow ourselves to savor the experience without rushing to the destination. 

Which is more true for you right now?

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