It has been a while since I have written, painted or read much.  My creative/meditative time lately has been focused on home improvement projects.   We have changed some surfaces, rearranged what we have to breathe new life into it and of course treasure hunted for some great finds!

I realize that while I crave variety in my days/weeks, I am often singly focused when I’m working on a special project and go through cycles where my creative passions shift.

What brings me into each new cycle?  For painting, its when the mood and inspiration strikes, usually when I have a reason to paint and something to paint.    Since I love to learn, my cycle of learning/reading shows up often when I’ve had great conversations with friends or colleagues about a topic I want to learn more about.  That leads to exploring other things I want to learn and just reading for pleasure.   Writing is more challenging for me.  It’s not something I love but something that I love having done.  When I see, hear or experience something interesting and thought provoking is what helps me step into the cycle of writing.

What cycles of  introspection or self expression do you experience?

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