Last night I delivered a presentation called Go For It: Life is Too Short to Let Fear Stop You.   The particpants and I talked for 90 minutes and could have gone on for much longer!  I thought I would share some of the highlights in case you are in the same place many of them are.

I first asked the group – what are you Going For?

Some didn’t know yet they felt ready to “go for” something (new/different), some said they have many ideas but not always sure which to choose, others had more specific goals like writing and getting an advanced degree.

We then looked at what is stopping them from Going For It

For those who were unsure of their path or goal, that one was easy.  When you don’t know what you want it makes it easier to stay put.  Others who had some ideas of what they wanted to go for mentioned doubt, perfection, the need for safety and procrastination as reasons they stop.

I then asked – how much does what you want to Go For matter to you?

I asked them to rate it on a scale from 0 to 100.  Some were at 100, some at 80, others at 60.    When your goal or intention really matters to you, you are more likely to Go For It.  If you find your own goals/wants low on the rating scale, ask yourself why that is.  Is the goal not clear enough to you?  Is it just a fleeting thoughts/idea or something you’ve been contemplating for a long time?  Is the goal you listed not really the goal at all (for example, if writing is your goal but you rate it low, perhaps expression is really the goal and writing just one vehicle for that).

Next steps

We then focused on strategies to help you Go For It.  Some of those included believing in yourself, taking baby steps (that are out of your comfort zone) and seeking support (you can hire a coach, find a friend who is also Going For It or find it in a group of individuals with similar interests or paths).

What would you like to Go For?

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