How often do you find yourself completed depleted and exhausted?   I will venture to guess that it’s too often.  This is especially true at this time of year as we add holiday planning and festivities into our already packed lives.

One of the most important things we can do for ourselves (our work and our families) is to stay focused and energized.  To do that you have to make “recharging” a priority in your life and create habits that support it.

How do I recharge?

In my work it includes:

  • Taking breaks throughout the day – Whether it’s just 5 minutes to walk downstairs to get a cup of tea, do a few stretches, or get the mail…  These short breaks reenergize me and allow my brain to take a breather as well.
  • Finding my best schedule – it took a while but I have found a work schedule that aligns with my energy level
  • Conversations with like minded colleagues to keep me inspired – I love sharing ideas, information and getting feedback!
  • Days at coffee shop to write – I have found that getting out of my office in stepping into a bustling coffee shop awakens my creativity and offer a better writing experience.
  • Leaving enough time in my schedule to breathe – I am grateful that I have full control of my schedule but even then I have to stay aware of leaving room for me in the schedule.  It is too easy to become overcommitted.

In my personal life some of the ways I recharge are by:

  • Being in nature – I love being in nature whether it’s walking/running in my neighborhood or going to a park
  • Painting– allows me expression of creativity
  • Exercise – energizes my body the whole day since I do it first thing in the morning

How do you recharge?

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