My husband and I had created a very comfortable life back in New York.  We created our home to fit our needs as best it could and we both had careers we loved.  Our home and life was nice, cozy, very familiar and pretty secure.

At the same time, we felt a pull to a different lifestyle that existed somewhere other than New York where we could have greater possibly.  Thus began our journey of exploring what different places (cities and states) had to offer, which places felt like a better fit for our needs and wants.  We were both excited about this journey but also very uncomfortable with the unknown.

Would we like this new place?  Would we be able to create the careers we wanted?  The lifestyle we wanted?  We didn’t know for sure.  What we did know was that we were ready to go for it, ready to leave the comfort we created for a little while to create new comfort – that looked and felt different – somewhere else.

That readiness helped us leap out of our comfort zones and make the move to North Carolina.  Those first few months in a new place were both very exciting and very challenging.  It was exciting to explore a new city, meet new people and buy a new home.  It was challenging emotionally to feel adrift with no anchor, no connections and no sense of where anything was!

We let the excitement win and soon enough we began to find new comfort as we made friends and made a home here.

What possibilities are you ready for?

What comfort must you leave behind to reach for those possibilities?

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