Thought I would share some of what was discussed in my Inspired to Action: Making Commitments and Building Momentum seminar.

Do you have a vision for your career and life?
Your vision is the big picture of what you want for your life.  It sets the framework and foundation for the creation of your goals.  You vision can be a word, a statement, a narrative or a vision board.   Choose a method that resonates for you.
Not sure what your vision is?
One strategy to gaining some clarity of your vision is to begin with your goals.  What are they?  Why are they important to you?  What is the bigger picture of what you are wanting to achieve with this goal?
What goals are aligned with your vision?
Your specific, tangible goals are what make your vision a reality.  Ideally your goals will be things you truly want to accomplish rather then feel you “should” accomplish.

What will be your first steps?


Sometimes your first steps are easy to understand, sometimes they are not. When they are unclear, a strategy is to list all of the steps you believe you need to take action on to accomplish your goal and work backward from there.  Ask yourself what would have had to come before these tasks in order to get to these tasks.


What will be your Commitment Step?

This is the one step, one action that really gets you in motion.  Not on the fringe, but plunging in.  It’s the one step (large or small) that in your mind is your total commitment, your serious move.  

How will you maintain momentum?


One way is to create accountability with a support systemBe accountable to someone (ideally more than one person) to report your progress, someone who will support you in achieving these goals.  This could be a friend, partner, colleague, or life coach, those you feel are your motivators, people in your life you trust, who cheerlead you on.


If you would like help in creating your vision and goals and maintaining your commitment and momentum, contact me for a free consultation at 919-744-9722 or


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